Chinese Ox New Year-Feng Shui, Wealth and Hope


First of all, In Fengshui, 2021 is Great for AUTOPARTS industry!!  

In 2021, We have Celestial Stem XIN and Terrestrial Branch CHOU, that makes 2021 is XIN CHOU OX Year.

Celestial Stem is XIN in Fengshui is JIN (GOLD), and JIN in Five Element represents all Metal. Autoparts and all machinary/tooling industry belows to Five-JIN industry as Chinese Terminology. So friends, this is OUR YEAR!

Also the Yinyang attribute of 2021 is YIN. This Xinjin has glow, has affinity, also is more restrained and reserved, calm and not exaggerated.

Terrestrial Branch CHOU:  CHOU in Five Element represents SOIL. 

Ox has the characteristics of being steady, conscientious, and diligent.

The CHOU SOIL element can hold water and prevent flooding. In ancient China, many places were prone to floods, and stone Oxen are built everywhere to suppress floods and to protect people.

In the past Gengzi year 2020, the Water Element is uncontrollable, which will cause great fluctuations in the year’s fortune and great risks. It will make many people very uncomfortable and very painful.

2021 with XINCHOU OX, the water is controlled and not easy to overflow. It is a year of gradual improvement. It is a very practical and pragmatic year. All aspects will be much better than 2020.


Secondly, in STOCK Market in ancient western civilization, and myths, Ox symbolized strengh wealth and hope.

For hunters in ancient times, the blood of Oxen can be eaten, bones can be made into spearheads, fish hooks, etc., and cowhide can be made into clothes and tents, so bulls represent wealth.

In ancient Roman legends, the god Miuor slaughtered an escaped bison. The body of the bison turns into vegetation covering the earth, its spine turns into wheat, its blood vessels turn into vine plants, and its sperm turns into various beneficial animals. The cow sacrificed itself, but gave birth to all things.

All Our stock markets also uses Ox symbol, and when a Ox attacks, the horns are from bottom to top, metaphorically rising. (On the contrary, the bear paw is from top to bottom when attacking, so it has the meaning of falling)

Last but not least, New China was founded in 1949, Also the Year of the Ox.  In the previous leaders’ mind, they also hope that China’s national fortune will always be prosperous.

VolksTech wishes all friends and guests good health, good luck, and family happiness.  牛年大吉!


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Over 3000 OE Numbers & Bosch/Delphi cross reference with Pics.

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Over 3000 OE Numbers & Bosch/Delphi cross reference with Pics.

Get Catalogue of Oxygen Sensor / EGT Sensor / NOx Sensor and Top Sellers info NOW.

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