How to Check HTS Code of Your Products and Corresponding Tarriff Rate?


HTS stands for Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Based on HTS, all cargo entering USA will be subject to US import classification,Tarriff, documentation and electronic applications of US Custom. HTS is established on the basis of HS System, which is the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System formulated by the World Customs Organization in January 1989.

The first way to lookup for HTS code is to directly check on the HTS official website , type product name and search query. If there is no feedback of the product name, we can try to search for the product’s material, function, composition and structure.

The second way is: firstly find the first 6-digit HS code of the product, and then find the 4-digit code subdivided after HTS. The first 6 digits of HTS and Schedule-B are Same, they are both based on HS coding. So Schedule-B is a good source to refer.

Apart from Schedule-B code of the US Bureau of Statistics, there are other ways to check the first 6 digitals. You can find the accurate 6-digit product code from the UN Comtrade Database product list in the order of chapters, items, and sub-items. Commodity HS code of China’s export declaration is also a good source since China and USA are largest trading partners all over the world.

TAX, One thing to note here is that what is really valid in the US tax law is the first 8 numbers. In the 10-digit HTS code, the last two digits are the suffix numbers used for statistics, which actually have no substantial impact on the tax.

In fact, the difficulty of finding the accurate customs HTS code of a product lies in finding the last 4-digits. When the product classification category is particularly detailed, it is very easy to make mistakes. Also as mentioned before, last 4 digits varis in customs from different countries. Let’s take #NOxsensor as an example.

In China Custom, HS code of Nitrogen Oxide sensor is 9027100090. If we directly copy and paste all 10 digits into HTS website it will show empty result as below.

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So let’s try the first 6 digits 902710, you will find a very close discription as Gas or smoke analysis apparatus: which is 9027102000 as shown in below picture.

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Further click on the 00 which represnts last 2 digits, we will see the details info of this HTS code 9027102000. Note the Combustion Gas Monitors exactly describe NOx sensor.

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We can also find tax rate, Lets try Oxygen sensor with HTS 8409919990, you will find Tax rate as picture below. “General” in the left column is the general import tax rate, in sub column 1, apart from the countries in The “Special” column, all the other country’s cargo are under general column, which is subject to 2.5% import tax. The column 2 is the import tax rate imposed by the United States on specific countries including Cuba and north korea.

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Attached also HS code of NOx Sensor in different systems

China: HS CODE 9027100090

USA: HTS CODE 9027102000

EU: HS CODE 9027101000


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Over 3000 OE Numbers & Bosch/Delphi cross reference with Pics.

Get Catalogue of Oxygen Sensor / EGT Sensor / NOx Sensor and Top Sellers info NOW.

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